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Regardless of anything, you are absolutely awesome! Being in the film industry, I have learned a few tricks that will help fix some mistakes in pop culture movies! Join me and learn in how to make better film using what we already watch as an example. Why here and why now?

The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit

The very first project I started is The Last Jedi. A very divisive film to say the least. But I think with a little bit of patience and imagination we can turn this movie into a way better one. My youtube channel can be found in the link bellow so you can see all the magic that a little bit of editing can bring to any movie!

Join The Film Side! Come and join me to fix movies of all corners of the world! Not only will you see the final product but also, be part of the process. Thank you so very much! By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 94 exclusive posts.

Recent posts by Ivan Film Fix. How it works. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. What is Patreon? Can I cancel my pledge any time? Learn More.It seems that masked men are knocking over the floating crap games of Chalky and Pete.

ivan film fix

Chalky and Pete hire the cool, loose, elegant Mr. T to fix things.

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Then, the masked manipulators set up the death of a collector for a rival gang lord. It looks like it's up to T to hold a gang war from breaking out, keep the police off his back, and earn his fee from Chalky and Pete. Joel Freeman John D. It hit me while I was watching Trouble Man that it was the first real blaxploitation crime movie I've ever seen, and I gotta ask - where the fuck has blaxploitation been all my life?

Trouble Man is basically the coolest goddamn movie this side of the likes of Le Samourai and A Colt is My Passport - all sharp suits and slick shots and the coolest of 70s cool oozing from every pore of every major character.

Just madcap pulp detective fun, Peckinpah-lite shootouts and all. I think hearing that Marvin Gaye score kick in at the start was something of a minor religious experience. Ostensibly a SHAFT knockoff, but considerably less flashy a big plus in my viewwhich along with some gritty LA location work lends this the atmosphere of an unostentatiously sturdy crime picture rather than a piece of blaxploitation.

And Robert Hooks is just so effortlessly cool here, playing everything like he knows exactly how little pressure he needs to apply in any situation, a truly minimalist approach to being a bad motherfucker.

A suave fixer gets challenged when he takes on Mr. Big and the mob in this Los Angeles street-level story. This is Ivan Dixon's first film, but his experience in television along with Hook's easy portrayal of T elevates this over most kindred fare. Sacrifices some authentic blaxplo flavor and texture for its relatively slick studio vibe, but it reflects its hero's personality so perfectly - cool, stylish but not splashy, dependable, reliable, goods delivered on schedule and as promised.

Marvin Gaye's soundtrack, Robert Hooks and Paul Winfield's performances, and some truly glorious violence love that touch of the exploding deck of playing cards during the shootout in Chalky's office, eat your heart out Tony Scott! Everyone knows I love Blaxploitation movies. Thankfully, there seems to be a never-ending supply of them. The first 50 minutes went by really fast but then, I kept looking at the clock about every 10 minutes. There was nothing really wrong with the film it just seemed to drag in the last third.

Hooks was good as "T" but I felt he didn't have that much charisma. He was bad ass but not really that charming, although, of course, they portrayed him as a ladies man. I would rank this in the middle of pack in terms of this genre.

It was good but it wasn't a Willie Dynamite or Foxy Brown. As the lockdown continues I have found myself steadily working my way through all the albums that I've yet to listen to in my iTunes catalogue.

One of the albums I came across was Marvin Gaye's Trouble Mandoing a little reading on Wikipedia lead me to this film. I've only a passing knowledge of Blaxploitation so this was never on my radar, which is a damn shame as it's a bloody good film with cracking central performance from Robert Hooks as Mr. T, a typical hard-edged private detective who also happens to be a ladies man. One of the elements I enjoyed most was the lack of cliches that I believe plagued the genre as the decade progressed.The Platform Spanish : El hoyotransl.

The Hole is a Spanish science fiction horror - thriller film, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and released in It is a system bound to cause conflict, as inmates at the top levels can eat as much as they can, leaving increasingly little for those below.

ivan film fix

Goreng awakes in a concrete cell marked with the number His roommate, Trimagasi, explains that they are in a tower-style facility in which food is delivered via a platform that travels from the top, stopping for a fixed period on each floor. Those on lower levels are able to eat only what those at the top leave them, and they cannot hoard food the cell is heated or cooled to fatal levels if food is kept.

Every month, people are randomly reassigned to a new level. Each resident is allowed to bring one item in with them, Goreng choosing a copy of Don Quixoteand Trimagasi a self-sharpening knife called the Samurai Plus.

One day, a bloodied woman named Miharu rides down on the platform, and Trimagasi explains that she descends the pit every month in search of her child. Goreng sees her being attacked by the two people on the level below, and he considers jumping down to help her, but she kills them both and rides the platform down again. As they talk, it is revealed that Goreng volunteered to spend six months in the "Vertical Self-Management Center" in exchange for a diploma, and Trimagasi is serving a year-long sentence for manslaughter.

Over the month, they become friendly, but on the day of the room shuffle, Goreng wakes up tied to the bed. They have been reassigned to levelwhere the platform is expected to be empty of food when it arrives. Trimagasi explains that he plans to cut strips of Goreng's flesh to sustain them both, but only in moderate amounts so he doesn't bleed out. On the eighth day, Trimagasi cuts into Goreng's leg but is attacked by Miharu as she comes down the platform.

She frees Goreng and he kills Trimagasi. Miharu cuts some of Trimagasi's flesh, feeding Goreng and eating some herself before continuing down. The following month, Goreng awakes on level 33 with a woman, Imoguiri, as a cellmate. The only thing she brought with her was her dog. Goreng recognizes her as the Administration official who interviewed him before sending him to the cells.

She tells Goreng that she believes there are floors. She says she was unaware of the horrible conditions and volunteered to try to fix things when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Imoguiri rations her food and attempts to convince those below to do so as well, but they ignore her until Goreng threatens to defecate in their food.

Goreng encounters Miharu once again as she rides down on the platform but she appears critically injured, presumably from being in a fight on the higher levels. Goreng and Imoguiri grab her off the platform and tend to her wounds.

Goreng explains to Imoguiri about Miharu's search for her child, but Imoguiri says nobody under the age of 16 is allowed into the facility and says Miharu entered alone. Goreng awakens to see Miharu and Imoguiri in a standoff, as Miharu has eaten Imoguiri's dog.

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Goreng awakens the following month on level and finds that Imoguiri has hanged herself. Goreng eats her flesh to survive, experiencing hallucinations of her and Trimagasi instructing him to do so. He then awakens the following month on level 6. His roommate, Baharat, attempts to climb up through the upper level with the help of those above using a rope he brought into the pit.

The couple living on the level above first help him, but end up defecating in his face, and pushing him back down. Estimating that there are around levels, Goreng makes a plan to ride the platform down, rationing the food so all get a share, and convinces Baharat to go with him.A sneak preview episode aired on June 2,and the series debuted with a two-part series premiere on September 15 and September 16, Iyanla: Fix My Life features Vanzant helping people overcome difficulties in their lives.

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Each episode focuses on a specific problem posed by the story of one guest or group of guestswith pre-taped production pieces at the guest's home and interviews with Iyanla that provide commentary throughout the show.

Iyanla attempts to bring a different perspective to the situation and updates are provided to viewers at the close of each episode regarding the guest's progress since the date of filming.

A sneak preview episode aired on June 2,with the two-part series premiere on September 15,and September 16, Season 2 premiered on April 13,with a special minute episode featuring DMX.

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Season 3 returned on November 2,with an episode featuring football player Terrell Owens. Iyanla, Fix My Life debuted to largely positive reviews by critics. As writer and columnist Nancy Colasurdo proclaimed, Fix My Life is "what "reality" television can be. Reaching for our best selves. Focusing on what can make our lives meaningful.

Having hard conversations. Critic Jon Caramanica proposes that Vanzant possesses "a mystical air but with a deeply grounded approach. She speaks in a soothing, encouraging voice, makes phenomenal eye contact and has an evident distaste for polish. Iyanla: Fix My Life is Intervention and daytime talk distilled to core principles. Much of the show is given over to long, hard conversations, shot up close, a tactic of discomfort.

Zap2it reported that "the premiere of the new original series Iyanla: Fix My Life with life coach Iyanla Vanzant scored 1. The premiere, which featured Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, continued ratings momentum with part two scoring 1. The Sunday episode also ranked No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Iyanla, Fix My Life. Retrieved December 23, TV by the Numbers. The Futon Critic. September 25, October 2, Ivan Thanthiran transl.

He is a Strategist is a Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by R. Thaman composed the film's music, [1] while Prasanna Kumar handled the cinematography and Selva RK did the editing.

The film released on 30 June Two engineering college dropouts and best friends, Sakthi Gautham Karthik and Balaji RJ Balaji start a shop in Richie street to sell assembled electronic products.

Sakthi, who understands the electronic functionalities well, reverse engineers the products and sells them in their shop. Sakthi has also developed a mobile phone which can be assembled by unique parts and thus be heavily custom modified. He meets a final-year engineering student named Asha Shraddha Srinathwho buys a laptop from him and later claims that he cheated her. They quarrel and later get on and fall in love. She even gets Sakthi's project accepted in a national electronics firm, for mass production in near future.

One day, they get a job to fix CCTV cameras in a wealthy man's house. Despite properly fixing the CCTV cameras, they are not paid and are insulted. Meanwhile, Devaraj orders to close several engineering colleges, citing that they do not have either facilities or the required staffpower, and around 10 colleges are closed in Chennai.

Within 10 days, he approves the colleges which pay him astronomical bribes. As a result, engineering colleges are forced to collect extra fees from the students to match up to Devaraj's bribe.

ivan film fix

The students from financially weak families are unable to pay last-minute fees as the year end semester is nearing. One such student of final-year commits suicide by touching the live wire on the electric train in front of Sakthi and others. Later, Sakthi realizes that the reason behind the suicide is the bribe paid to Devaraj.

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Sakthi uses his technological skills to expose Devaraj's bribe racket through social media and with the help of Balaji and an ally, Gopi "Kabali" Hari Krishnanwho received standing ovation for his project in electronics but ends up working as a waiter in a restaurant due to the antics of the politicians and society.

He designs an electronic surveillance bug in the guise of a housefly and sends it to the place where Devaraj stores his newfound bribe. Arul Stunt SilvaDevaraj's brother-in-law, is captured on screen with the cash, and the video goes viral. Though Arul denies any involvement of Devaraj, the media outrage causes the Prime Minister to fire Devaraj from the minister post. Now, Devaraj has to prove himself innocent, so he kills Arul when he was about to reveal Sakthi's name to him.

Later, Devaraj captures Sakthi and Asha and assaults Sajtgu, but Sakthi tricks Devaraj into revealing the locations of all of his black money, which is recorded by hidden cameras in Asha's house. They engage in a fight where Sakthi kills Devaraj. Sakthi then transmits the footage to the CBI and is lauded for his efforts. In AugustR. Kannan revealed that his next film would feature Gautham Karthik in the lead role and would be an "action-thriller" set in Chennai.

The music was composed by S. Thaman in his third collaboration with director Kannan after Vandhaan Vendraan and Settai.Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now. Watch now. For 30 years, Alija, the miner, has been one of the many Bosnian immigrant workers. Due to the crisis, miners are losing jobs. Alija is sent to check an Ana gives birth at the local hospital and everything goes well.

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There is only a small problem with the paperwork - her file is not on the computer. A temporary loss of data seems to be Bosnia and Herzegovina, fifteen years after the war.

A group of middle-aged Yugoslav War veterans gather in a remote mountain hotel for an extended group-therapy session that unravels the complexities of their pasts. Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death.

An awareness that A young and successful copywriter Alan Despot, after trying in vain to renew a broken relationship with his girlfriend, goes to the island of Vis and finds himself torn between his Set against the backdrop of the Philippines Government's crackdown on illegal drugs, a SWAT-led police force launches an operation to arrest Abel, one of the biggest drug lords in Manila.

After being fired, a young car mechanic Djuro gets recommendation to look for another job in a remote village. His new boss is warm, old fashioned and naive - completely opposite from the Matej, born into a family of people with special needs tries to create a family of his own, but soon it all starts to collapse. Young Oksana puts her newly born Denis in a baby box. Sixteen years later she steals him away from a children's home, intent on making amends for her maternal neglect, and to exploit him to earn money in a corrupt legal system.

At the core of the story is an electrician, who works in a factory and tries to earn some extra money through network marketing.Ivan Dixon was a handsome, mustachioed African-American actor and director who carried a strong, serious nature about his solid frame. He initially earned attention in groundbreaking stage and film work with pronounced themes of social and racial relevance.

He would become better known, however, for his ensemble playing in the nonsensical but popular WWII sitcom Hogan's Heroes His character was a POW radio technician with the last name of Kinchloe, and the role, while heightening his visibility, did little to satisfy his creative needs.

Overshadowed by the flashier posturings of stars Bob CraneWerner Klemperer and John BannerIvan eventually left the series after season five of sixthe only one of the original cast to do so. He was among the few African-American male actors in the s, along with Bill Cosby and Greg Morristo either star or co-star on a major TV series.

Born Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III on Monday, April 6,in New York's Harlem area, where his parents originally owned a grocery store, Ivan grew up in the South and as a youngster was headed towards a life of crime before he took a keen interest in acting. This helped him to get back on the straight and narrow, studying dramatics at Lincoln Academy, a black boarding school in Gaston County, North Carolina. Ivan's Broadway debut occurred three years later in William Saroyan 's "The Cave Dwellers", and in his career took a significant jump after earning the role of Joseph Asagai, the well-mannered Nigerian-born college student, in Lorraine Hansberry 's landmark drama "A Raisin in the Sun".

Starring Sidney Poitierit was the first play written by a black woman that was produced on Broadway. He and Poitier became lifelong friends, and Ivan's early film career included providing stunt double assistance for Poitier in The Defiant Ones Following minor film parts in the racially tinged Something of Value and Porgy and Bess both of which starred Poitierhe and Poitier recreated their respective Broadway roles in the film version of A Raisin in the Sunwhich drew high marks all round.

Ivan's most mesmerizing film role, however, came a few years later when he and renowned jazz singer Abbey Lincoln starred in the contemporary film drama Nothing But a Man Starring as a young, aimless railroad worker who gives up his job to marry a schoolteacher and minister's daughter LincolnIvan's character matures as he strives to build a noble, dignified life for the couple, who are living in the deeply prejudiced South.

The film was hailed for its extraordinarily powerful portrayals of black characters and its stark, uncompromising script.

The film, which was written by two white documentary filmmakers who spent time in the Deep South in the s, was considered far ahead of its time. Dixon himself never found a comparable role in film again. Following another strong but secondary showing as Poitier's brother in the film A Patch of BlueDixon won the role of Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes While shooting the series, he managed to squeeze in the title role in "The Final War of Olly Winter," a dramatic special that earned him his sole Emmy nomination in After he decided to leave Hogan's Heroes after five seasons, his acting work was limited.

Active in the civil rights movement he served as a president of Negro Actors for Actionhe steadfastly refused to play roles that he felt were stereotypical. Instead, he segued into directing and was a noted success, helping hundreds of television productions during the '70s and '80s, including "Nichols," "The Waltons," "The Greatest American Hero," "The Rockford Files," "Magnum, P. This blaxploitation-era movie did not do well upon initial release the film's title being highly questionable and was quickly pulled from theaters.

It subsequently gained cult status. Throughout his career, Ivan actively worked for better roles for himself and other black actors. In his final years, Ivan battled kidney disease and died of a brain hemorrhage at age 76 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was survived by his wife of 58 years, Berlie Ray, whom he met while both were college theater students. His surviving children are Doris Nomathande Dixon and Alan Kimara; Doris has been a documentary filmmaker and was a one-time production assistant on the film Boyz n the Hood The complete life span of Ivan Dixon --April 6th,to Sunday, March 16, totaled 28, days, or 4, weeks and 6 days.

Sign In. Edit Ivan Dixon. Showing all 17 items. His daughter Doris made the documentary "Retrospective: Lincoln Academy " about the school where Ivan first took up acting. He has appeared in two films that have been selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant: Porgy and Bess and A Raisin in the Sun

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